Books and wisdom

I’ve never been very good at reading. Well, that’t not exactly true. Let’s just say reading isn’t my favorite hobby. So what I should say is making time to read isn’t my strong suit. When I find a subject I enjoy though, watch out! I can’t hardly put down a book.

My favorite Genres

Learning/Self Help

I’ve always enjoyed learning. While many learn from reading, I often struggle with this unless the lessons are told in story form and I can identify with the characters being used. Often the books I enjoy the most are business books which teach very important lessons using the experience of either the author or some figurative character with him I can relate.

Kids books / Humor

There’s just something about a good kids book that takes you back to the simplicity of reading and how stories need not have multiple plots, but can be simple, straight forward and use five year old reasoning to get things done. This easy to read format is good for us as it cleanses you mind from the heavy layered complexity that is life. Naturally this isn’t my bed time reading, but more to be read to my niece and nephew who enjoy that quality time together.

Technology / Emerging science

There’s just something about new technology, how it is improving and changing our lifes every day that fasicnates me. I’m a sucker for a good techy writeup or perhaps even reading the latest news and trends in tech. I pretty much enjoy reading anything from these guys. Great site!¬†They are now printing in two colors using plant based filaments which is completely recyclable. I can just see how soon we won’t have any waste as we’ll print what we need and when the purpose has been served we’ll repurpose it into something else useful. Brilliant!

It just never ceases to amaze what we can come up with as humans. It keeps me guessing at where we will be in 5 years, 10 years or even 20 years. Hard to even fathom given the rate of progress in the past 100 years.

What are your favorite genre of books? What do you enjoy most about them?

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